World BUSINESS EDUCATION for children 6-17 years old from MINIBOSS BUSINESS SCHOOL available online!

Training in English or Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Moldavian, Kazakh, Georgian, Armenian, German, French, Arabic, Polish, Thai!

Main knowledge about survival, the heyday of your potential to build a career in your life in 8 super-courses!

MINIBOSS is unique knowledge that does not give any comprehensive school or university in the world!

In the Program:
  • MINIBOSS course: the basics of human survival in the world, discovering talents, building up your survival potential through the development of 8 basic intellects, understanding the world and your self-realization opportunities, creating your own business projects.
  • SUCCESSOR course: family economics and business, how to create happy families and successful family businesses, laws of development of family systems, heraldry of strength and success, family project management.
  • CREATIVES course: developing your neocortex on the ability to generate new unique ideas, the theory of creativity, Eidetika, mnemonics, creating creative ideas by 38 methods! The law of ideality.
Creation of ideal teams and projects.
  • LEADER course: enterprise and state management, economics (local, national, global), markets and niches, supply and demand, product development from A to Z, marketing and creation of “pigeons of the oceans”.
Creating the perfect markets.
  • ENTREPRENEUR course: the history of human and human evolution, world civilizations and their inventions, the history of innovation and startups, the development of entrepreneurship and industry. Development theory. The evolutionary aspect.
Creation of ideal solutions in historical terms. The laws of the creation of world civilizations.
  • INVENTOR course: theory of inventive problem solving (TRIZ), ARIZ theory, problem solving in an innovative way, rules for constructing technical systems.
The study of robotics and bioengineering. Trends of inventive ideas. Creation of innovative projects.
  • NETWORKER course: oratory and rhetoric, charisma and personal growth, laws of building and developing business communities, information and communication management. Great speeches that change the world. The theory of evolutionary development with a value aspect.
  • PROFESSIONAL course: career guidance from A to Z, computer simulation of the crankcase, development of 8 basic intellects. Mission and self-realization. Creating your favorite business that will change the world for the better!


Ken Robinson. Changing Education Paradigms


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